The Spiritual Gift of Counseling


We desperately need to recognize counseling as the spiritual gift that it is.  “But the Bible doesn’t mention counseling as a spiritual gift,” you might say.  “Sure, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are called Counselors, but that’s it.  God’s our only counselor!  All we need is to claim the Blood of Jesus and our problems will go away.”  This sort of misguidance has done nothing but perpetuate throughout the centuries the downplay of the importance of mental, emotional, and behavioral health in our churches.  Over the years we’ve grown acutely aware of the need for church staff to be trained theologically, but the embracing of psychology in church is still an uphill battle.  We rightly acknowledge the need to train church members in biblical morals and principles for Christian living, but we often fail to acknowledge that sinful patterns and being inhibited in living life to the fullest are…

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