SHM REFLECTION_The Real Meaning of Christmas.

As we enter the season the world marks the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ, please take a moment to imagine this scenario:

Of what good is a posh Ferrari car without an engine; or even a tree without roots? Did I hear anyone say, useless? Right on! My dear friends, so is any Christmas season without an intimate knowledge of the reason for the season!

The season, I fear, has been taken over by a mercantile spirit. It appears Christmas is now all about buying, selling and gifting. Please, do not get me wrong. I like to give and receive gifts like the next person; but that, my friends, is not the real reason to remember the birth of the Savior of mankind.

Christ is about love; the purpose of which is to reconcile mankind to God the Father; and prepare man for eternal life. That can only happen if man yields control of his life to the Almighty God by accepting Jesus Christ as personal Lord and Savior.

Have you? Great if you have. PAUSE IF YOU HAVE NOT, and just do it already! Trust me, there are a plethora of excuses for not takin that deep of faith.

But let me reassure someone out there – God loves you, and He has capacity to forgive you for any sin(s) you may have committed. But He is such a gentleman that He will not force Himself on anyone; YOU have to take the step towards Him. If you draw near Him, He will reciprocate. My prayer for everybody reading this is that this season will have the right meaning for you and yours!

For as many who have received Him, gladden God’s heart this season by finding someone else to show love to. Share whatever you have with the needy, with the homeless. Put a smile on someone’s face; as Christ has yours.

On behalf of my family and I, permit me to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We love you! Shalom.

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