Dear friends, do you believe you were created in the image and likeness of God? And that greater works than
#JesusChrist did you are also wired to do? Then these week’s prayers are for you.

Scripture says that you will receive that which you desire if you ask without any doubt. It says without doubt you can cause mountains to move and be cast into the sea! But you have to be in Christ, and obedient to His word.

With this understanding we encourage you to add these prayer points to your prayer menu this week:

(1) I am a spirit being, created for dominion. Therefore I have dominion over my situation, over my circumstances IJMN. I refuse to be the laughing stock of anyone!

(2) Whatever could not keep the Lord #JesusChrist down cannot keep me down! Sickness, poverty, disease, lack of wisdom etc. you have no hold over my life!

(3) Everything in me and around me responds to the power of Christ in me, I am more than a conqueror IJMN. I grow into my greatness, I become a source of joy, I am highly favored!

God bless you all! You shall excel IJMN. Shalom.

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