imageMy dear friends, how time flies. We are already in the ninth month of the year! Wow!!! The Lord be praised that we are still in the land of the living. According to the Word, a living dog is better than a dead lion! So, the future can only be better. Amen!

So, I say happy new month. This month, a wind of change will blow over someone’s life. That fellow will get a fresh start in areas of life where there had been stagnation. Abandoned projects are coming alive IJMN. God will raise someone up from the ashes of defeat and disappointment IJMN.

In this new month, you will receive access to Divine inspiration in every area of life. You will not take a wrong turn. Issues that had hitherto been fuzzy will become crystal clear with the help of the Holy Spirit. Our God sought nobody’s counsel before He created you a masterpiece; I assure you He needs no one’s approval before He decorates your life anew this month.

The impression in my spirit of the phrase “WIND OF CHANGE” is great! For some, this wind will blow away all manner of debris that situations and circumstances have deposited in your life which causes you shame or misfortune. For others, this wind will harbinger GOODNESS, MERCY, FAVOUR, PEACE, PROGRESS, EDIFICATION etc. that money cannot buy, or human connection wrought.

This very month of September, you will go to places you never thought possible; you will sit at tables previously out of bounds for you. Situations and circumstances of your life will respond to the command of He who controls lives and seasons thereof; and resolve themselves in your favour! You will enjoy your God-given dominion. Our God will carve out an area of influence for you, a niche to call your own.

My dear friends enjoy your month of wind of change. You shall excel IJMN. We love you!!!


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