TIP – Add Value To Your Basic Competence.

Hello! The essence of your education is to develop your inner faculties to enable you provide services which in turn brings provision into your life. So, your education is only a foundation. It is not the end!
As an employer of labour myself, and in my practice as an HR consultant, I have discovered that many are really unemployable because all they rely on is the basic knowledge they acquired in school. I counsel you therefore to add value to your basic education. Develop a skill, art or expertise that will stand you out from the pack. If you need to humble yourself to do just that, then #justdoitalready ! Remember, dear friends, the 10, 000 hour rule, so START NOW!

Let me give a practical example from personal experience – if you are a professional, say a legal practitioner, how much of digital competence do have? Can you work with new products and innovation that has shrunk the global space? Or do you still rely on the old fashioned pen and paper? I know for example from my legal practice that we have taken, worked on and perfected briefs with clients (local and international) without personal interface through the use of the internet and the tools applicable! Your competence in this area, for example lifts you out of the pack, and distinguishes you. AND THIS APPLIES TO EVERY AREA OF SERVICE OR PROFESSIONAL ENDEAVOUR.
Because God is not a man that He should lie, trust me, you were designed and programmed for success. And succeed you shall! Add value to your levels of competence today. Shalom. We love you and pray for your success daily. #SHMSuccessTips.

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