SHM Prophetic Declarations.

As sure as night follows day, I prophesy into your life that you will become what God desires you to become. The anger of the devil cannot stop the rain from falling or flowers from blooming in their season; therefore you will blossom, you will flourish in your designated season IJMN.

Some people go to the market, not to buy or sell, but to watch. I decree that in the race of life, you will not be a by-stander. You will actively participate and excel. The Lord God Almighty will replace your murmurings of discontent with acclamation of testimony. You will be celebrated.

You will not wander away in the wilderness of life. My God, the owner of the universe will bring you to your Brook Cherith IJMN. Every dryness will receive a visitation from the hidden fountains of life, and the dew of heaven shall fall upon you.

We love you! God bless you! Have a great week.


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