Shame to Glory
My dear friends, a lot can happen in JUST THREE DAYS! From today, the world marks the events that signaled the beginning of the end for the Devil and his works – the crucifixion and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. The world, egged on by the Devil, thought they were putting an end to the ‘heresies’ of Christ and His message love and of the Kingdom of God. Little did they know that they were pawns on the chess board of the Almighty to cause the total annihilation of the works of the enemy of our soul; and liberate mankind forever!

So, many things can happen IN JUST THREE DAYS. You too can move from shame to glory just like the King of Glory did. You too can move from mockery to adulation, just like the Great Redeemer did. What other stones do you want moved within three glorious days? The choice my dear friends, belongs to you? On whose side would you want the history of life to record you as being on?

I charge you, my dear friends to come to, and remain on the winning side. Christ will always win – and so can you if you choose Him. IN JUST THREE DAYS, MIRACLES UNTOLD, GLORY UNHEARD OF CAN BE ACHIEVED. AND I WISH YOU WILL BE WITH US AS WE REJOICE IN ETERNITY. God bless you as you mark the Easter holidays!

Spread the good news – In just three days, your story can change! WE LOVE YOU!

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