SHM Weekly Message_2013 Week 07_What Is True Love?

Today, we should be posting the continuation of our series on 12 Keys To Better At Your Task in 2013, Part 3; but instead we would be talking about love. Next week by His grace, the series will continue.

My dear friends, no day dawns without God arranging for you and me to show love to another person. Not a single day. You will find that person on your way to work, at work, in your academic environment or your local assembly.

How well do we fare, you and I in showing the true love, that sacrificial love that puts the other first? Do we men, as sons, brothers, husbands, cousins, etc. show it? Do you as a daughter, sister, wife, cousin so it?

Today, the world has turned what agape love really is into erotic love, and in the process has commercialized and cheapened it. True love, Agape in nature and description does not, nay, cannot wait for a day named after a human being like you, Valentinus to show love. It is shown every day, from husbands to wives, no matter what her body shape is now, no matter the state of her finances, and I dare say vice versa! True love seeks in the weak to help, the homeless to shelter, the abused to comfort.

A brief history of what is now a day marked by the world as a day of love revolved round one Valentinus, an early Christian martyr who was murdered for amongst other things, arranging secret weddings for Roman soldiers who were denied the right to be married. However, this day was first associated with romantic love in the circle of an English Poet, Geoffrey Chaucer in the High Middle Ages when the tradition of courtly love flourished. By the 15th century, it had evolved into a romantic occasion when lovers (note it does not emphasise lawfully married couples) expressed their love for each other by presenting flowers, offering confectionery, and sending greeting cards.

Today however, it has become a commercial bonanza without bounds and limits. Today, all over the world hotels and chalets will be fully booked; in many of those places, immorality will be at its peak; and while Satan haves a good laugh, heaven will watch embarrassed; because THIS IS NOT THE EXPRESSION OF LOVE!

My dear and wonderful friends, if today (February 14th) is the day mankind has set aside to show love (a different genus thereof!), then any wonder why our world is as it is? JUST MUSING ALOUD, my dear friends.

Whatever you choose to use today to do, be safe. Aii?

Love you all lots! Shalom.15432088-love-a-people-give-anoher-one-a-heart

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