SHM Weekly Charge_2013 Week 06. 12 KEYS TO BE BETTER AT YOUR TASK IN 2013, PART 2.

Keys, 04Main Reading Texts: Proverbs 22 verse 29 & 26 verse 12.

My dear friends, last week we shared with you the first four (4) keys on how to be better at what you do in 2013. We hope it was a blessing to you. Today we go on to four more keys. For those who have sent us messages on our email, I hope you all got our replies and directions. Keep at it, and we shall rejoice together with your testimonies. My heart-felt desire is that your level of success in whatever you do will multiply this year more than ever before IJMN.

Here are the next keys we are sharing for this week –

(4) DEVOTE QUALITY TIME TO STUDY YOUR AREA OF OPERATIONS. My dear friends, change is said to be the only constant variable. What this principle means is that ideas will always evolve. Therefore, do not be rigid in what you have held to be truth for years. Remember that a time was when leading scientists of the world thought the world was flat! You have to allow for improvement even to working and/or stable processes by devoting quality time to extensive study of your operations. You cannot assume you have attained. You must press forward towards a more excellent the mark. Remember always the charge of the Lord Jesus Christ in John 15 verse 2b – what works need more working!

(5) NEVER ATTEND A MEETING WITH ONLY PROBLEMS. One of the easiest things a human mind can comprehend is what does not work. If in doubt, observe a new born baby. He knows that he is hungry, so what does it do? It cries because it cannot source for food independent of a parent. Determining a problem is therefore basic to human nature. So, as I tell my staff, that there would be problems which need solutions is no news! No matter how well organized, run or successful your operations may be, trust me there would always be room for improvement. So, my charge to you dear friends is that you must attend all meetings (and group studies) with solutions to issues at hand. It is not enough to attend meetings with ideas, but also with how to turn those ideas into reality WITHIN THE CONTEXT OF YOUR GROUP’S VISION. For example, it is not enough at a production strategy meeting to say that we need to increase the quality of or product. You must tell us how this can be achieved within the parameters of our set goals and objectives! As you do this regularly, you will stand out; you will become needed at every important meeting; you will have an edge! Read Numbers 13 and 14 again and write out the process that stood Caleb and Joshua out of the 14 spies of Israel. Share with us if you want to, but please take this exercise.

(6) FIND A MENTOR. Let me lead with this – I have been a legal services professional for close to 25 years now. I have run a successful legal practice since 1992. I was ordained a pastor in 1988 and contribute my little quota in running a focused Christian movement. AND I STILL HAVE MENTORS. I have submitted myself to mentoring AND SO MUST YOU. Why? As one of our main texts say, ONLY FOOLS BELIEVE THEY KNOW IT ALL AND NEED NO REAL GUIDANCE (Proverbs 26 verse 12). Everyone needs another to teach them the ropes. My dear friends, you need a mentor! I understand that there are several stories about mentor/mentee relationships gone sour, so I usually advise people that you do not even need to ask anybody directly to be your mentor. All you need do is keep communication lines open (Good enough there are a plethora of media today through which this can be done, one of which is this medium) and learn what makes he/she successful. To start with, there is a school of thought that you can even restrict your communication to issues outside your work. However, any time you need work-related advice, a good mentor should be there for you. We have a classic example in the relationship between Moses and Joshua, Elijah and Elisha, the Lord Jesus Christ and His disciples (including you and me!). Can you mention other Bible based mentorship relationships? Share with us if you want to, but please take this exercise.

Next week we will go on to more Keys IJMN. Please do not just benefit from these keys, share them with your family and friends. If you have any questions and/or enquiries, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at

God bless you. Have a wonderful week ahead. You are created to excel and excel you shall IJMN.

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