SHM Weekly Charge_2013 Week 01_WHAT 2013 HOLDS FOR YOU!

Happy New Year, 2013_2Happy New Year my dear friends! Welcome to your brand new season. I know you have goals set; I know you are looking forward to having a great year. AND I JOIN MY FAITH WITH YOURS. In that incomparable name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I decree that you will achieve your goals and enjoy a new lease of life in 2013. In the name of Jehovah God, before whom I stand I decree that the elements – spiritual and physical would work for your good this year. This is what 2013 holds for you – IT SHALL BE YOUR BEST YEAR YET IJMN.

To kick-start that glorious year, can I suggest to you that you add the following prayer bullets to your prayers as you command your year? I have the assurance of the Almighty God that you will sing a new song of victory this year. If you were blessed last year, wait to see how high He will take you this year. If you struggled last year, then your season of stress and strain is over. Please pray them through.
(1) O Lord, let your cover of light and fire envelope me and my family throughout 2013 and beyond.
(2) Father, please have mercy on me throughout this year. Let your mercy speak all round favour and opened doors to the glory of your holy name.
(3) By your mighty hand, Father, add capacity to me; and insight to turn all my goals into reality. Connect me to my helpers IJMN.
(4) Father of all spirits, I reject the spirit of fear, backwardness, death, disease and pestilence in 2013. So let it be IJMN.
(5) With my mouth I confess that I live in abundance in 2013 and beyond IJMN. Thou doors of increase, open unto me IJMN.
(6) Father, I receive grace to rejoice in every situation; to praise you in every circumstance through-out 2013 IJMN.
Please can I humbly ask you to also pray for me and our ministry as the Spirit leads you? Many thanks.

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God bless your year. You shall excel IJMN. Shalom.

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