SHM Weekend Tonic_16th November 2012_LEARN TO LOVE YOUR TRADUCERS

This is how the Contemporary English Version (CEV) puts Ecclesiastes 5 vs. 3 – “If you keep thinking about something, you will dream about it. If you talk too much, you will say the wrong thing”.

My dear friends, this week, our charge to you has been for you to show love to at least one person who had before now been unkind to you, in whatever way or form. Have you been able to do this? I thank God for your life if you have been able to. Your step of faith will lead you to a place of peace IJMN. For walking in love, the God of love will manifest His presence in needed areas of your life IJMN.

For as many who still struggle with this love charge let me encourage you as we head into the weekend by taking another look at Ecclesiastes 5:3. To bring yourself to the point of reaching out to those who might have despitefully used you (Luke 6:28), try to keep your thoughts on the charge to reach out in love to them. Focus on it like a laser beam, let it dominate your thoughts, your quiet moments. You will realize that as you persist with this, any negative emotions you may still harbor towards such a person or situation will GRADUALLY begin to give way! You will begin the journey to reconcile yourself to the purpose of the charge – reaching out.

To get to this point, you should try not to TALK about it, just THINK about it. The danger in talking about it is that the words that you speak, which will naturally align with any residual negative emotions would jeopardize any possibility of reaching out. As you think forgiveness and reaching out, your mind begins to reconcile to the very notion, BECAUSE YOU BECOME WHAT YOU THINK (Proverbs 23:7).

The whole point of man’s existence is to show love – Mark 12:30. See, my friends, you cannot claim to love the Lord thy God whom you do not see but accept by faith, WHEN YOU CANNOT LOVE YOUR FELLOW MAN WHOM YOU SEE. Enjoy your weekend. I am sure God is waiting to be good to you. Shalom.

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