SHM Weekend Tonic_05/10/2012_TIME TO WAKE UP TO OUR DUTY TO LOVE.



My dear friends, I hope your week has been blessed and profitable? I am sure God has been good to you. Today, I feel led to talk to you about LOVE, particularly our duty as those who have chosen to live a Christ-like life.


Life as designed by the God of the Bible is about two broad kinds of relationships – one vertical to our God through worship; the other horizontal – with all other human beings through the expression of love. This has been the template of God’s instructions to mankind since creation in the Garden of Eden. He created Eve for Adam, He charged mankind to be fruitful and multiply – all for relationship purposes. Genesis 1 – 3. That was the essence of the ten (10) commandments. Exodus 20: 1-17; which when broken down is about these two relationships – to God (commandments 1 -4); to other men (commandments 5-10). This was explained more plainly by the Lord Jesus Christ in Matthew 22: 37-40.


How come therefore, my friends do some of us live our lives as if forming or nurturing these relationships (to God and fellow men) is an afterthought? How do we do this? Simple enough. By acting as if relationships are some things to be SQUEEZED INTO OUR BUSY SCHEDULES. Have you not heard family and friends talk about FINDING TIME FOR their spouses or children; creating time for relatives or even fellowship with other brethren? Let me make bold to paraphrase Apostle Paul – life without love relationships is really worthless.1 Cor. 13: 3.


My dear friends, each of us needs to develop capacity to spend our time, expend our energy and give our attention to relationships for which we were created in the first place. I appreciate that we live busy lives and keep tight schedules, but we must never be too busy to worship the Lord, never be too tired to nurture our spousal and parental relationships, and our relationships with those within the kingdom, and develop relationships with THOSE OUTSIDE the kingdom of God! On the last point, how easy my friends is it for some of us to judge and/or pay little attention to drug addicts, the sexually enslaved, or those laboring under the yoke of one addiction or the other?


Believe me, if the purpose of our salvation was only to get to heaven, every saved soul would have been raptured the moment we gave our lives to the Lord Jesus Christ. But it is not so. We are still here – to follow through with God’s plan to reach the world through the love of the gospel of Christ. Remember that He set the precedent when He sacrificially gave us Jesus Christ because He loved us. John 3: 16. And that is the basis of His renewed relationship with mankind. And that is what we are now charged to do. Matthew 28:18-20.


The only way to commit to love is to invest time in it. So, I encourage you dear readers, find time for that spouse, for that child, for that parent, for that sick neighbour, for the widows around you, for the homeless. Find time for developing and nurturing friendships. The essence of love that the Lord Jesus Christ showed at Calvary is not what we think, do, or provide for others but HOW MUCH WE GIVE OF OURSELVES. John 15: 13. A recent survey has shown that the most desired gift by human beings crave of love is concentrated attention; not diamonds, not roses, not chocolate, not racy cars as pop culture would have us believe.


So, my dear friends, enough already of rationing our attention to our relationships. As Christ gave His all, I encourage you to give your greatest resource – your time, to your relationships, both to God and to your fellow men. That was Christ’s example. Ephesians 5: 2. A wise man once said, everybody can give without loving, but nobody can love without giving. As every act of love involves giving, I charge you my dear and worthy friends to give your time to those relationships. God bless you. Have a great weekend. You were created to excel and excel you shall IJMN.


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