Good day, dear friends. Today I feel led to encourage someone out there who thinks time is running out on him or her. Keep the faith, God has not forgotten you. In His season for your manifestation, no power or force from the pit of hell can stop you. And there is that season for every human being, trust me.

While you are waiting for your own manifestation of success, what do you do? PREPARE, PREPARE, PREPARE! My friends, opportunity without adequate preparation is a recipe for failure. Read up on your areas of interest, ask questions of people who have done similar things before – not just those who succeeded at them, but even those who failed at them.

Second, deal with the fear issue in your life – Many fear failing at whatever they want to do because of what people will say. Hello, whether you succeed or fail, of a truth people will talk; so why not give them something to talk about by taking that step of faith and launching out?

Finally, i encourage you to get on the right side of God. He never forgets His own people. Look, no matter what the present world system through its pop culture and nuances what you to believe, there is a God in heaven (not nature!) who directs the affairs of men. I tell people that it is wisdom to get to know Him, even when all around you encourage otherwise. So, get on His right side, by confessing Him as your Lord and Saviour. I was once a sinner myself, but see what He has done in my life!

My dear friend, I see you succeeding in life, I see you being celebrated, I see lines falling for you in pleasant places. So, do yourself a favour, create your own atmosphere for miracles. You are created to excel and excel you shall IJMN. Have a great day! Shalom.

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