SHM Weekend Tonic_7th September 2012.


My dear friends, I hope your week has been fulfilling and profitable? As you prepare for the weekend, hopefully to rejuvenate and reinvent your minds, I would like to share with you one tip that has helped me, and from which I continue to draw strength, no matter the situation. This is an excerpt of my book “IDEAS: Key To Your Destiny” coming soon to a bookshop near you.

Whatever you do not believe, you will not get! This is a simple but mostly unappreciated spiritual principle. Your active trust in the potential possibility of your thoughts carries creative powers. The Almighty God showed us a classic example of this in the procedure for the recreation of the earth – Genesis 1: 1-27. You will discover that whatever it was that He eventually created, He already thought of or even voiced out before the actual action took place!

So, how then can you believe something so that you can get it? Again, a simple exercise is needed; something we all utilize in our daily lives without many paying conscious attention to it – by VISUALIZATION! Every day, we see objects, watch movies, and listen to musical lyrics that stick in our memories and remain with us for many years. I am sure some of you dear readers can remember in accurate details movies you watched eons ago as if it were yesterday. I know it happens to me. Many of you can sing the lyrics of songs recorded even before you were born. Scientific research has now shown that as human beings, we are able to do this because we have capacity to see those things in our minds eyes. The power of visualization brings back such pictorial encounters, nurtures them, and allows our mind to process them for action. Let me explain this further.

Once you employ the power of visualization, the more you see it, the more the possibility of it happening becomes transmitted to your brain, and the creative powers of your brain will kick in, to birth those ideas you can already see. Constantly seeing a picture of a thing transmutes the reality of it into your subconscious. My friends, when God recreated the earth, he did just the basic, foundational work. However, every human invention since then has been the product of somebody visualizing the possibility of that invention, even before the first draft is sketched. Picture Noah, picture Nimrod, picture Nebuchadnezzar, picture Albert Einstein, picture Alexander Graham Bell, picture Steve Jobs. Now picture yourself.

Every breakthrough that will enhance the quality of your life, provide value to others, and therefore make you wealth is embedded in your mind. You achieve this by putting that mind to work. Put it to work by painting a mental picture and place it before your mind’s eye. You have to believe this, you have to see it. You must accept its possibility. Read 1 Kings 17: 46 again. What David eventually did to Goliath, he already saw a mental picture of it. The same thing in the gospel of Saint John, chapter 11, verses 6 and 11. Jesus already saw the death and resurrection of Lazarus in His mind’s eye before it happened!

So, I encourage you as you rest your brains this weekend, to train yourself to paint a mental picture of what you want to achieve, what breakthroughs or achievements you want to accomplish in your career, in your relationships, in your endeavors. It is a timeless principle of success. That was what the Lord God Almighty taught Abraham in Genesis 15: 5; what the Lord Jesus Christ taught in Mark 11: 23. That was why only Caleb and Joshua made it to the Promised Land – Numbers 13 and 14. What you do not believe, you will not get; and what you cannot visualize you can never trust or accept or believe!

My friends look again at the pictorial attachment to this Tonic. What does it tell you about succeeding and what you have just read? God bless you. You are created to excel and excel you shall IJMN. Have a great weekend! Shalom.


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