With God It Can Never Be Too Late For You.

Dear friends, can I encourage you today to read and meditate on Luke 21:33, which says in KJV version that: “Heaven and earth shall pass away: but my words shall not pass away”?

I would particularly like you to dwell on this piece of scripture until you grasp the implication of this for your live!

What should this scripture mean for you? All His promises, all His blessings have no choice but to manifest in your lives; regardless of your current situation or circumstance.

Let me assure you, the God of the Bible does not measure the seasons and year as man does. So what may have been a long standing problem to you is not long standing to God. All you have to be sure of us that you are on the right side of resurrection; that you are a true child of God, not a religious Christian.

As surely as He is the Lord who changeth not, and tapping into the grace upon our lives and ministry, I declare that you tomorrow shall be alright. I declare that by the power of the blood covenant that true believers share with Him all your past losses shall be restored IJMN.

Can I also encourage you to add this Prayer Bullet to your prayers: The blood that was shed at Calvary shall speak remembrance and restoration concerning me from today. Please pray.

You are created to excel and excel you shall. Go out and exercise dominion.


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