Text: Luke 8: 41 – 48.

God is interested in my healing. It is my faith that will deliver my healing to me. The woman with the issue of blood must have been building up her faith for 12 years until she met the Lord Jesus Christ. Her faith worked for her.

Power flowed to her because she made a deliberate move. That was what got her her helping – a deliberate step of faith. That helping virtue couldn’t have flowed into anyone who did not touch!

Healing becomes permanent with thanksgiving. Luke 8: 48.

So, I should always take the step of faith in every situation. Faith is essential in getting to the promised land. Nothing good comes easily without determination to do it. Faith is needed to receive from God – Hebrew 11:6.

Anytime I face any challenge, I must engage
my faith, my absolute confidence in God.

Romans 10: 17. The word of God has a role to play in efficacious faith.

2 Kings 5: 15. Namaan’s faith brought him glory. So, without faith access to victory is limited.

Read and Meditate on Acts 3: 1-10 and Matthew 8: 13. Let the Holy Spirit minister it’s deep truths to you.

Prayer Point:
Father, from today, let power follow my words!

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Vessel of God
    Jun 29, 2012 @ 15:52:25

    Amen – yes the woman with the blood issue had been growing her faith until the preordained time when it would be enough to come into contact with God for her healing. Our faith moves us to come into contact with God for our healing because we learn to hear and obey His voice as He leads us to that place of healing.

    be blessed.


    • salvationhouse
      Jun 30, 2012 @ 08:17:16

      Thanks for the comment. Let is further consider this – a man born without eyes got a pair, many years after his physical body had existed ; yet within a few minutes, the new (pair of eyes) and the old (body) gelled as if they had been together from conception! Who is he that says healing is a mythical thing, who is he that claims my God does not exist. He was, He is and He
      Shall be, from eternity past to eternity future! Any part of the human physiology of a truth responds to the stimuli of His Word; and out faith draws it out!


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