Thinkers For Our Nations

A very good morning to you all my brothers and sisters. My prayer for you all is that this week you will conquer new territories, you shall soar up with wings of eagles, favor shall find you out. From today old mind sets in your life shall be assaulted by new thinking from the throne of grace! Can you say Amen?

This week can I ask a favor of you? I want us to pray for our individual nations. There needs to be a paradigm shift in the way we approach developmental issues. Too much time has been spent on old mantras and techniques; with little or no result at all.

And there is only one who can cause that shift – the Lord God Almighty. So can you join us to cry out this week? No matter where you are in the world, your world can get better. Thank you as you do.

First Prayer Bullet: “Father, we pray for THINKERS to be added to the governance of our Nation at all levels IJMN. Lift up your heads ye gates of governance in …… (insert the name of your nation, e.g Nigeria, Pakistan, Jamaica) and let these set of people in IJMN.” Please pray. Shalom.

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