My dear friends, do you know that who you are determines what you can achieve in life? Furthermore, who you are determines what you believe. In life you can are one of two things – a champion or a victim! For example, If you believe you are rich, then you have a more than average chance of being rich. Conversely, anyone who believes he is inferior will in all probabilities never acquire the self confidence of success.

This is an immutable principle of the God of the Bible. That is the way He has destined the world He creates to operate. He who said His own will never lack was also the one who says that the poor will always be in the land! The key is this: as a man thinks in his heart so he is. What you think becomes who you really are! Awesome.

Therefore, from today can I encourage you to determine who you are? There is a way God has decreed all His children to be – conquerors through Christ Jesus! Such people live above the pitiable subsistence level of the world. Such people are above principalities and powers, above health degradation. Such people have access to the source of all solutions to problems.

The big question is: Are you in that category? I am sent to remind you today that those living out a reality opposite to this victorious life are suffering needlessly. If anyone reading or hearing this belong to this category I encourage you to have a paradigm shift today by coming to Jesus Christ, the author and finisher of our faith. In Him is life, I mean life more abundant. That is your inheritance, CLAIM IT, ASSERT IT!

You were created to excel and excel you shall. Love from all of us at Salvation House Ministries. Shalom.

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