Read: Gen. 2: 18 (AMP).

This is a special dedication to all women. Today is marked world-wide as women’s day. Personally, I appreciate all women folk. I belong to the school of thought that agrees that they oil the wheel of the progress of life. FOR THIS SINGULAR REASON, I DOFF MY HEART TO ALL WOMEN!

Much more than my personal feeling, we men-folk might not appreciate you as well as we should, but trust me, the God of the Bible knew what He was doing when He said it is not good (sufficient, satisfactory) that the man should be alone. He made you to complete us. Blessed of God is therefore the man who finds a good woman, as a mother, wife, daughter, sister or friend. Such a man is blessed beyond his appreciation! So, I thank our heavenly Father once again for giving us women.

I pray for all women who read or listen to this – the owner of the heavens and the earth will cause you to reap the reward of your labours- over your children, your husbands, brothers, and relatives. You shall not be supplanted in the lives of your parents, your husbands, your children or your siblings. I pray that lines will fall for you in pleasant places and that you will have a goodly heritage. I pray that your stars will shine; that you will excel in all you do.

I know that a man who does not have a wife, daughter or female friend, at least has (or had) a mother! So, can I invite all discerning men to appreciate the women in our lives? God bless you as you do so. Spare a thought for them, say a prayer for them. It will not be too much if you shower them with gifts in appreciation. Happy women’s day! Shalom.

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