DAY NO. 29 – 30/01/2012 – JUST 1 DAY TO GO!

Read: Genesis 18: 1-8.

Hallelujah! We are near the finish line of our 30days fasting and prayers. We thank the Lord for His faithfulness and sustenance. Our waitng will not be in vain IJMN.

Today, I want us to learn from a story that holds a special fascination for me each time I read it. It is in our Bible reading. Of all
Abraham and his household did to entertain the Lord, what usually tickles me anytime I envision the situation in my mind’s eye was how Abraham must have behaved in the presence of the Lord.

Twice, the Bible recorded in verses 6 and 7 that he RAN to prepare the table for the Lord and His companions. (For those with different versions of the Bible – “to hasten”, “to hurry” all mean the same thing – RUN) What significance does this hold for you and I this year?

If you read the story backwards to Genesis 17, you will see the Lord had made a covenant with Abraham – He changed his name and that of his wife, and placed a demand of generational circumcision on Abraham and all males related to him. You will notice that Abraham SWIFTLY carried out his own part of the bargain – Genesis 17: 23 (NIV & NLT). Despite this prompt compliance, Abraham still did not see the manifestation of the Lord’s promise. This was the situation he was in when the Lord visited again in Genesis 18.

Despite the fact that he was still waiting for the fulfilment of the child of promise, Abraham was not slack about diligence. For you and I, the question is this – how diligent are we while waiting for the manifestation of His promise? While we were outside a covenant relationship with God, it could be pardoned us if we resort to self-help, as Abram himself did. But once in that covenant relationship, even before the manifestation of our heart’s desire we must hasten to do the Lord’s wishes, making Him delight in us. No more excuses are permitted. God first in all things! God is our strength and help in this regard this year.

This period of waiting will not be in vain in our lives. Our rains will fall this year, our grounds shall not be fallow. We were all created to excel, to shine; and that is just what we will do this year. Help shall come our way from the East, West, North and South. Men and women will put themselves to work just to favour us. God bless you. We love you!!!

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