FASTING & PRAYERS_Day No. 16 (17th January 2012) – 14 DAYS TO GO _ BASIC GOAL SETTING.

Read: Luke 14: 28-30.

You were created in the image and likeness of the Almighty God, the master planner. He saw the earth was void, formless and empty in Genesis 1: 2; but at the back of His mind He already knew what to make of the darkness, the formless void.

That plan began to manifest in the next verse; not just in a haphazard form but in a logical manner – the law of process in action. Take a look again at the process of re-creation and you will see a pattern that is the model for all forms of goal setting.

What is that pattern? Going from the foundation (or base) up. Every structural engineer knows the grit of the base determines the sanctity of the super-structure on top. So, the Lord ordered light into the chaos; the essence of which was to provide visibility for other reconstructive works!

The essence of goal setting therefore is to create a road map to your desired destination. Remember success is a journey, not a destination. The most basic goal you ought to set therefore this year is to renew your connection to the Source. John 15: 5. I said above that God decreed light first. Guess who that light of the world is? The Lord Jesus Christ. John 12: 46.

Once this basic goal is accomplished, let me assure you of this – every other lasting blessing flow from your anchorage in the Almighty God. Is it wealth you need? He it is who gives thee power to get it. Deut. 8: 18. Are your goals this year around perfect health? You need Him. Exodus 15: 26. Believe me; I can go on and on.

So, the wisdom of this year lies in a strong anchor in the Almighty God, the owner of all the universe, who never sleeps nor slumber; and for whom all your requests are easy to grant! You were created to excel, and excel you shall IJMN. Keep praying!

God bless you. We love you!!!

SHM, January, 2012.

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