FASTING & PRAYERS_Day No. 15 (16th January 2012) – 15 DAYS TO GO_WHAT DO YOU HAVE?

Read: Luke 5: 1-7.

Hallelujah! Today, we reach the half-way point on our 30-day journey. Let me thank everybody who has followed this journey. I also wish to congratulate those of you who have shared your testimonies with us. They shall be permanent IJMN. For those who may also have testimonies, please forward them to us at God bless you abundantly.

Today the Lord wants me to ask of you this question. WHAT DO YOU HAVE? This is a big question wrapped in small words. The purpose of your creation is not to be a spec in the landscape of life. No, it is to exercise dominion. Meaning? Occupy space for God and impact that space! That can only be done with what you have; that is, what the Almighty God has invested in your life and how you have positioned it – capacity awaiting to be unleashed to maximum effect.

The Lord asked Moses this same pertinent question in Exodus 4: 2. Prophet Elisha asked the same of the widow of one of the apprentice prophets in 2 Kings 4: 1-7. Again, I repeat, the Spirit of the Lord has directed me to ask you the same question today – WHAT DO YOU HAVE THAT THE HOLY SPIRIT CAN ADD HIS SUPER FORCE TO, AND TURN TO SUPERNATURAL in your life?

There is a principle behind this. Everything you will ever need to fulfil your destiny is already around you, one way or the other. What you need is revelation to realise the potential in your abilities and/or resources. You will discover from our bible reading that it was what Peter had that the Lord used to bless him. What would have happened if Peter had no boat or even expertise?

So, to adequately answer the question that the Lord is asking you today, you need to settle the following: (a) Do I have what the Lord can bless? (b) If not, what must I do to get myself into that position where I can receive His blessing? To further help with this, tomorrow by His grace I shall discuss GOAL SETTING and the implication this has in how your year can turn out. In the meantime, keep praying, keep showing love.

God bless you. We love you!!!

SHM, January, 2012.

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