Read: Deut. 23: 12-14.

The God of the bible is a God of principles. He operates based on principles, not on feelings. Principles are unchanging truths or universal facts. To receive from Him therefore we must understand what His principles are. Today I want to discuss our need to keep our praying environment clean and quiet.
You need a quiet environment during this period of waiting. Banging of doors, loud music etc. should be avoided or kept to the barest minimum. Why? The Holy Spirit does not operate in an environment of chaos or confusion! Avoid quarrels, misunderstandings etc. Keep your surroundings clean; that much you can deduce from our text. The Spirit of the Lord is waiting to release your blessings, please keep your environment clean and quiet.

From tomorrow, our prayers shall be focused on our work – business, trade, career or academics. Can I encourage you to kindly approach these next set of prayers with vigour and all sense of seriousness? Of a truth this year 2012 victory is coming your way in the area of finance, academics and achievements.

The main prayers starting from tomorrow are as follows:
(1) Praise God for His promise to give you power to make wealth.
(2) Father, restore me today, all the years that the locust, cankerworm, palmerworm, caterpillars had eaten. Restore me, thou covenant keeping God.
(3) Holy Spirit, remove any limitations from my heart and mind so that your vision for my life may be crystal clear.
(4) I receive grace to make my mind flexible; to think the improbable, to envision the impossible, to begin to achieve what hitherto had been difficult. Holy Spirit, release to me the capacity to dream big from today.
(5) Father, my creative skills are sharpened by the power of your Spirit. I operate in faith on the level of the possible from today IJMN.
(6) My merciful Father, send help to me from all sides this year. Get people working on my behalf to the glory of your Holy name.
(7) Thank God because He has done it.

God bless you. We love you!!!

SHM, January, 2012.

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