FASTING & PRAYERS_Day No. 11 (12th January 2012) – 19 DAYS TO GO_RELOCATE!

Read: Luke 19: 3-4.

At times, your location determines your allocation. The best determinant of where to abide for your blessing, however, is not a good feasibility study because that failed Lot in Genesis 13: 10-11; it is the leading of the Spirit of God. And His directive might not stand to common sense at times! But because He knows far into the future than any prophet can ever know, it is wisdom to yield to Him.

For example, it did not stand to common sense when the Lord instructed Isaac not to leave the land of famine for Egypt, where the feasibility study shows ‘rosy prospects’. Obedience to this spiritual foresight earned Isaac bounteous blessings in famine, blessings even unheard of even in the time of plenty! Genesis 26: 1-6; 12-14. As we continue to wait on the Lord, the Holy Spirit will lead us into every privileged information we need on the location of our allocation of blessings IJMN.
If you take another look at our chosen text, you will discover some pointers to how we can understand the move of the Holy Spirit in this regard. First, there must be a discovery that you need the help of the Lord. You spirit must acknowledge you inability without supernatural assistance. Are you still trying to figure it out with your senses? Sorry, it is not the way of the Lord. The first admission is that your ability cannot achieve this; and that you need His help.

Second, once Zacchaeus understood he needed Divine help, nothing was going to frustrate his call for help, especially not his location. When he could not see his helper clearly, he RELOCATED – to a higher ground. It was in his new location that he was found out by the Lord; who brought what he needed most – redemption – into his house!

I pray for you today, whatever will not allow you fulfil purpose; the Spirit of the Lord will cause a separation between you and it. Receive ability to relocate to higher ground today IJMN. Whoever or whatever says you will remain in the valley; our God will turn them (it) into stepping stone to the mountain top for you IJMN. Keep praying, your own season of manifestation cometh very soon!
God bless you. We love you!!!

SHM, January, 2012.

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