FASTING & PRAYERS_Day No. 9 (10th January 2012) – 21 DAYS TO GO_THE KEY CALLED LOVE.

Read: 1 Corinthians 13: 1-3.

Love is a key to answered prayers. If you take another look at the ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ, you will discover the link between love and His wonderful miracles, which became as answers to expectations and joy. Let us take just two (2) examples:

In Luke 7: 13, it was love (compassion) that moved Jesus to answer the silent prayer of the widow of Nain (who will now take care of me, when my only son is dead?). Similarly you will discover that in Mark 6: 30-44, the love Jesus feel towards mankind led to the miracle of feeding over 5, 000 people with a little boy’s lunch pack, when all hopes of feeding them seemed dashed.

The Lesson for us today is that, as we continue with this period of waiting, it is wise to walk the love path. There is no anointing without love as we can see in our Bible reading for today. Some of us have switched off our tap of compassion because we feel offended by people we loved, betrayed by people we trusted, relatives who should have known better had taken us for granted etc.
Listen to me, there will always be offense in this world! In any case, how will your testimony be sweet and life changing for others if you had nobody to oppose you, or hate you, or even despitefully use you? The Lord Jesus Christ, our perfect example, had to contend with this aplenty; even right from within His earthly family and town! Yet, He loved all; He walked the earth and sinned not. Today, He is the reference point for all things noble and righteous.

Some may ask: how could it be ever possible for me to walk in love with my hurt? The solution is easy. You must see God in every other human being, because in every human being is the image and likeness of God, in all of us is His Spirit! So, understand that it is the God in them that you love. That was the big mistake Cain made in Genesis 4: 1-9. Many of us today ask the same question Cain asked in verse 9 of that text – “Am I my brother’s keeper?” Yes, you are. In fact the 2nd part of the essence of your faith is just that – Mark 12: 31.

You want your prayers answered? Engage in a love walk today despite what you feel, or what you are going through! Love as defined by the God of the bible; not love defined by psychology or wisdom of men! Recently a fellow who has not made it a secret of her hatred for my face, just because she feels God loves me specially, sent me a prayer point. She gave a testimony before I got any answers to my own prayer. And the Lord said to me: that was a test. Good for you that you passed! Needless to say my own answers came swiftly thereafter.

TOMORROW WILL BE A SPECIAL DAY OF PRAYERS FOR ALL OUR CHILDREN AND WARDS. So, please in addition to the prayer points the Holy Spirit gave us for this week add these: (1) Father, do not let me bury any of my children (or again, as the case may be) IJMN; (2) Anyone who will corrupt my children, please keep such people far away from my children; (3) Throughout 2012, there shall be miracles, signs and wonders in the lives of all my children IJMN. Please if you do not have children yet, please sow these prayers as a seed into the future.

God bless you. We love you!!!

SHM, January, 2012.

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