FASTING & PRAYERS_Day No. 8 (9th January 2012) – 22 DAYS TO GO_ The Lord Has Something To Say.


Read: 1 Samuel 3: 10.

Dear friends, get a paper and a pen ready with you at all times as you observe this period of waiting. Why? The Lord has something to say to you. We pray that you will not miss your Divine instructions that will positively alter the course of your destiny IJMN. Your senses will not be dulled to the ministration of His Spirit.

A word in season for Abram set him on a course to destiny, you will hear clearly when the God of the Bible calls out to you this week; distractions of any kind will not dull your senses. Lack of confidence in identifying His voice and urgings will not deter you from knowing and seizing the moment.

Prepare for this encounter by studying to show yourself approved, as His call might be through a word in Scripture. Tarry in His presence after you have meditated on the word. Watch out particularly for words, or phrases or paragraphs that jump out to you; words that are imprinted on your mind that brings His peace and calmness over you when you see or notice them.

Pay attention when you pray this week my friends. What particular prayer sticks in your spirit even when you try to move on to another prayer point? Watch out for when peace floods over you as you pray. Please pay attention to minute details in your environment.

In all, we advise that you maintain a peaceful environment, as the Spirit of God does not minister in a confused environment. Be still, for the Lord thy God has something to say to you. God bless you. We love you!!!

SHM, January, 2012.

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