FASTING & PRAYERS_Day No. 7 (8th January 2012) – 23 DAYS TO GO.

Good evening. Today we enter Day No. 7, the end of the first week. Permit me to thank you for faithfully carrying out this spiritual walk. The Lord will enrich our spiritual lives this year IJMN. As we go into week number two, I pray that the Holy Spirit will refresh us and give us all strength for the journey ahead.

For our second week of waiting, kindly pray these prayers with the mindset that the Lord has already done it; and He shall.
(1) Praise God for all He does in your life. Praise Him with all your might.
(2) I receive grace to wait patiently for a word in season this week IJMN.
(3) Father, this year change my location, business or career if need be to enable me fulfil my destiny.
(4) By the power of your covenant, I rise above every generational curse or trans-generational dedication to idolatry that may be afflicting my life.
(5) Father, turn around my situation for good. Lift every siege over my life, over my resources IJMN.
(6) Father, let your peace reign in my nation. I speak your peace into my environment from today IJMN.
(7) Thank Him for answered prayers.

God bless you and yours IJMN. We love you!!!

SHM, 2012.

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