FASTING & PRAYERS_Day No. 5 (6th January 2012) – 25 DAYS TO GO!

Hello there. Yesterday we dwelled on Faith. It is our hope that you have started on that journey to absolute trust in the Lord. Its rewards are immense.

Today, permit me to talk to you about your relationship vis-a-vis the Lord Jesus Christ. The moment you genuinely come to Christ (i.e. give your life to Him truly), there comes upon you His Spirit afresh in a new dimension. You should have an inner witness that you truly belong to Jesus. What this does is that it adopts you into the family of the Almighty God, with Him as your father, the Lord Jesus Christ as your Brother and the Holy Spirit as your Tutor. This is the essence of Romans 8: 14-17 and John 14: 26.

This has a lot of benefits, but for the purpose of today’s prayers, which is on your health; we would like to highlight how this affects your health. The penalty for your sinful life of the past is death, both physical and spiritual. The moment you accept the Lord Jesus Christ, you tap into the power of the cleansing blood He shed on Mount Calvary. From the Old Testament, blood had always been used for atonement of sin (Leviticus 5: 6), but man soon went back into sin. However, the blood that was shed by the Son of God is the only eternal piece of atonement – Hebrews 9: 22; 1 John 1: 7.

What has this got to do with healing? It is because the Lord had always tied righteousness to healing! In Exodus 15: 26, He made that commitment to cleanse us of ALL MANNER of sickness and disease only if we live within the bounds of His laws. Committing your life to the Lord Jesus Christ gives you easy access to victory already won over sickness and diseases, because your own righteousness is no longer in focus; it is the righteousness of the Lord Jesus Christ that comes into play. That is why as we pray today, I see many yokes being destroyed as a reason of the anointing – anointing of the Lord Jesus Christ, your Brother. You are joint-heirs with Him. The meaning of this is that all the grace and virtues He had are also yours, if you know how to get them. He Himself said we are able to do greater works than He did (John 14: 12). So, if He was never ill and kept on healing many who were oppressed of the devil, our lot as those belonging to Him is that our bodies will not accommodate sickness or disease; but we are victorious through Christ.

So, no matter the manifestation of any sickness or disease in your life or that of any member of your family, I decree in that name that is above every other name that the power in the blood of Jesus will speak against such illness from today. I see the power of sickness being broken over somebody’s life; I see healing virtues being released in abundance. I see that doctor’s report being rewritten in heaven; I see rejoicing at your doorstep; I see the enemy being out to shame on your account. That is your portion as you pray today. God bless you. We love you!!!

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