FASTING & PRAYERS_Day No. 3 (4th January 2012) – 27 DAYS TO GO.

Dear Friends,

According to 1 John 1: 7, there is power in the blood of Jesus to cleanse away your sins. Why is this important? Sin is a barrier to a good life, because God will not listen to the prayers of a sinner, according to Isaiah 59: 1-2. So, the minimum requirement for answered prayers is a life devoid of sin, which the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ makes available.

The only medium by which you can get this is through salvation of your soul; and that is available only through the approved channel who is called the Savior. Yes, you got it right, the Lord Jesus Christ is the Savior approved of God. Read both Matthew 1: 2 and Acts 4: 10-12.

So, as we continue with this fasting and prayers, we need to ask ourselves this pertinent question: Am I genuinely saved? It is the foundation to all requests being heard and answered in this year of victory.

So, if you are reading this in any part of the world and you wish to quit a life of sin, can you please PLACE YOUR HAND OVER YOUR HEART AND REPEAT THIS PRAYER: Lord Jesus, I am a sinner, but I am tired of a life of sin. Please forgive me, and cleanse me with your precious blood. I confess that you are the Son of the living God sent to redeem me from sin. Please accept me from today. I promise to forsake and turn away from my sins today. Come into my life and stay there for ever. Thank you Lord Jesus. In Jesus’ mighty name I pray.

If you just prayed that prayer, CONGRATULATIONS! You are now a child of the most High God. You have access to all the benefits of the Kingdom, including answered prayers. God bless you. Please do not leave it at this, look for a Bible believing church in your environment and begin the journey to walk out your salvation as the Bible says.

Welcome home dear Brother/Sister. Shalom.

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