Fasting & Prayers_January 2012.

Dear friends, our Ministry began a 30-days fasting and prayers today. By the grace of God we shall be praying for everybody in this group. If you have any prayer request, please feel free to drop it here, or send your request by email directly to Be rest assured that your confidence will be kept strictly confidential.

From time to time, we would be posting, for the benefit of those who would also like to pray along, some of the prayer points of the period. Before you begin to pray these prayers with us, we humbly advise that you set goals for the year (i.e. if you have not already done so. You may want to break them into SPIRITUAL GOALS, FINANCIAL/CAREER GOALS, FAMILY/HOME GOALS, or even FITNESS/WELL-BEING GOALS. The prayers are structured to touch on goals for the year. Why? Faith is an action driven force (Hebrews 11: 7-8, 17-19), so to keep your faith alive, you must match it with action.

So, for today, the following are some of the prayer points the Holy Spirit gave us for Day 1. Please read the scripture, and pray the prayers, believing that the Lord has already done it. We have the assurance of the Lord that testimonies shall follow IJMN. And He has always been faithful.

Bible Reading: 1 John 5: 14.

Prayer Points:

1.) Praise/Worship God for a few minutes.
2.) Father, I thank you for another year. As you have said, I thank you for victory in every sphere of my life this year – spirit, soul and body.
3.) Father this year, nobody will pay me condolence visit. My joy shall be full.
4.) I receive grace in abundance for self control; grace to increase my capacity to forebear in difficult situations.
5.) Father, because you created me to excel, I receive a renewal of my capacity to think, to innovate, to proffer solutions in my work, business, academics or trade.
6.) Father, this year I receive unction to pray more; study and meditate in your word more; praise you more IJMN.
7.) Please add your own special prayer request.
He has done it IJMN. Shalom.

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