Clear Your Thoughts, Be At Peace …

To really excel in life you need among other things a stable and peaceful life. Now, I cannot discuss what this entails in details in this short missive, but one key part of it is that we need to continually purge our thoughts because we become what we think. The Bible says you are what you think – Proverbs 23 vs. 7a.
For many people, when we talk about purging our thoughts, they quickly zero in on impure thoughts. Even though that is part of it, it is not just the lust that we must clean out; but also low self-esteem, pride, arrogance, hidden jealousy, and much more. Our mind is like the “placenta” of the spirit man. It holds and nurtures the seeds it has been impregnated with until their day of delivery. And what is delivered is what lives and grows.

Without being too critical of ourselves, we really need to do an audit of what we dwell on – in our thoughts. Yes, really. And can I suggest that the best way to do this is in compartments. What do I mean by this? Many who try to audit their thoughts only take a blanket view of their lives and say; hey I need to work of this part and that part only. That may well work, but it is a wholly selective approach and the discovery made usually very narrow.

Rather, it might help if we try and pick our relationships and dwell on what we think in each situation. For example, when it comes to our work life, what kind of thoughts do we allow to rule us vis-a-vis those we interact with? If we do another audit of say our relationship with a loved one, we might well discover that different emotions and thoughts are in play. So, it is advisable to do this self audit in compartments.

And the solution to whatever negative thoughts and/or emotions we discover is to work of killing such thoughts and emotions IMMEDIATELY. The point I would like all of us to seriously consider is this – If you do not want depression, why do you continue to rehearse those same sickening thoughts that led you there in the first place? You don’t need a famous minister to lay hands on you to win the battle over your mind! Abort those seeds that are causing you to miss the mark and press on!

If anybody decided to leave you, whether in your business or social life, do not forget that as a masterpiece of God that is their loss. (Please see my blog titled, ‘God Determines Your Destiny, not man …’) You are not expected to be unequally yoked anyway. Anybody who feels too good or important for you is not meant to be a part of your life in the first place.

So, guard your heart with all due diligence, dear friend. Issues that determine your life proceed there from. You are created to excel and excel you shall IJN.

Salvation House, 11/11/11.

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