God Determines Your Destiny, not man…

Not responding to certain issues is a sign of growth and maturity. It is a sign to show that you have come to a point where what is said to you has nothing to do your destiny and you don’t have to prove to no body that you can have the last word; You just keep on walking with an understanding that you are who God says you are. Anyone can have an opinion about you but their opinion of you is not your reality. All that matters in life is what God thinks about you.

Joseph’s brothers thought him arrogant, yet God said he was their passport out of certain famine and premature death. David’s wife thought he was pedestrian; God said ‘No’ He became the progenitor of the Christ. For the mad man of the Gadarenes, his family abandoned him to his faith, thinking it was all over. Your God said, ‘Not quite’. The man became a famous evangelist.

Believe me whatever anybody says or thinks about you, that is the limit of their understanding, how far their eyes can go. They cannot see as far as God has already determined for your life. So, whenever people try to stereotype you to conform with their own limited view point, just waive it off. They are not the maker of your life, neither will they judge your destiny. That is for only one being – the Almighty God, fearful in praises, always doing wonders.

I charge you therefore to go out and enjoy your life, fulfill your destiny and bring glory to your God! You are created to excel and excel you shall IJN.

Salvation House, November 2011.

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