November is my favourite month of the year. Why? Let’s keep that a secret for now until it’s time for manifestation; and in that name that is above every other name, MANIEST IT SHALL! Because it is a special month of the year for me, the Lord permits me great grace this month to ask for anything I want. So, I ask this for you this month – you shall have abundance, you shall enjoy refreshed health, your losses shall be amortized. When you work, you shall reap; your labours shall not be enjoyed by another. My God, shall make all who oppose you stepping stone for your glorious dawn. They shall fall, heap upon heap IJN. You shall possess their gates, and have rule over their affairs for as long as you wish. I pray for you that this month will bring double celebrations in your life. And as the year winds down, my God shall ensure that you do not wind down with it; and more importantly there shall be no carry over into the New Year for you. You are created to excel and excel you shall IJN! Happy new month.

Salvation House, November 2011.


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