Today, I want to encourage you to remain focused despite all distractions. Our elders have a saying, when the fly bites the sore-laden man, nobody pays attention. However, should that man bite the fly in retaliation, there will be an uproar! I tell you today, God has elevated you so high above all others, so stop arguing with or devoting precious time to people who are bent on keeping you down. Just press on with your God-ordained destiny. Please focus only on your goals. Stop looking sideways. Let me assure you of this, the only reason you’re under attack is because YOU ARE EFFECTIVE. If you pause in your destiny pursuits to respond to attacks, you cease being effective. And when you are not effective, you become defective! As Joseph’s example has taught us, whatever made them hate you in the first place, KEEP DOING IT! Why? Because you are created to excel and excel you shall! The only remedy for those who wish you to fail, is to succeed. Remember, He promised to prepare a table before you, in their presence! Go out and excel, dear reader. Shalom.

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