Welcome to 2011, your best year ever!

Now that you have crossed over into 2011, what will happen to you? Let me tell you – you will prosper; you will be highly favoured; you will have help sent to you; you will not fall sick or be afflicted by disease. Whoever blesses you is blessed; whoever curses you will be cursed. This year will be you best year yet in the mighty name of Jesus Christ/

To achieve all these what do you need to do? First, go through 2011 determined to obey the Almighty God in all things. 1 Sam. 15: 22; Deut. 28: 1-3. That will qualify you to walk with Him. Amos 3: 3. And when you do walk with Him, your issues become His issues.

Two, you must live a life of praise, worship and prayer. You see, praising and worshiping Him grants you access to His heart. Psalm 22: 3. You know what that does? It places you in a vantage position to get His favour and mercy. Rom. 9: 15. Without prayer, you would only be living in a fancy castle, because prayer moves His hands. John 16: 24. Matt. 7: 7.

Third, give sacrificially. This is an area many of us drop the ball, as it were. The simple truth is that our God is a principled being. According to Proverbs 21: 13, if you need Him to hear your cry, you must also have heard somebody else’s cry.

As you do this your year would be filled with joy and blessings too numerous for you to keep pace with, believe me. You can also follow us at http://www.facebook/SalvationHouse, and http://www.twitter.com/SalvationHouse. You shall excel!!!

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